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Friending Brands for Deals & Offers

12-08-2009 BY bbulman

Razorfish recently released it’s third yearly FEED report. The FEED report, is a study focused on online consumer behavior that focuses quite a bit on social media and network behavior.

With yesterday’s post about Walgreen’s use of Facebook reciprocity, I found some of the statistics in the report quite interesting:

Over 40% of the 1000 study participants said they have “friend” a brand on Facebook or mySpace, and the deals and offers were the primary reason why consumers “friended” a brand on Facebook(36.9%).

facebook yes

facebook reason

What really interested me was that only 25% of Twitter users followed brands, but over 40% follow these brands.



I wish Razorfish had dug further into this data and would loved to have seen how consumers engaged with the brands they friend on Twitter. Do they spend considerable time on the brand’s Fan pages, or is their primary interaction via their News feed?

I’d love to see how other brands are using a quid pro quo model like NBC or Walgreens.

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Recprocity – United Twares

08-14-2009 BY bbulman

United Airlines has recently embraced Twitter and is trying to build a following on the service. They are using special “twitter-only” fares that are highly discounted and very limited in time. If you follow @unitedairlines you will occasionally and without notice receive these “twares” tweets.

This has built a very quick following upwards of 30,000.  This is a great example of Balanced Reciprocity.

Picture 46

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