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Friending Brands for Deals & Offers

12-08-2009 BY bbulman

Razorfish recently released it’s third yearly FEED report. The FEED report, is a study focused on online consumer behavior that focuses quite a bit on social media and network behavior.

With yesterday’s post about Walgreen’s use of Facebook reciprocity, I found some of the statistics in the report quite interesting:

Over 40% of the 1000 study participants said they have “friend” a brand on Facebook or mySpace, and the deals and offers were the primary reason why consumers “friended” a brand on Facebook(36.9%).

facebook yes

facebook reason

What really interested me was that only 25% of Twitter users followed brands, but over 40% follow these brands.



I wish Razorfish had dug further into this data and would loved to have seen how consumers engaged with the brands they friend on Twitter. Do they spend considerable time on the brand’s Fan pages, or is their primary interaction via their News feed?

I’d love to see how other brands are using a quid pro quo model like NBC or Walgreens.

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Walgreens wants to be your Facebook friend

12-07-2009 BY bbulman

With my previous example of how some brands are using the behavior of reciprocity on Facebook to quickly build their fanbases. This morning I woke up to an email from Walgreens, a US drug store retailer, where they offered me free shipping today, if I became their fan on Facebook.

Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 6.42.46 AM

It seems to be working for them as their Fan #’s have jumped quickly into 300,000. It seems like Free Shipping is valued enough by consumers for them to friend Walgreens. I am starting to believe this trend is going to backfire as more and more brands push for share of the consumer’s social graph, they become invisible, like banner ads have become. This example of reciprocity is sort of a quick hit situation, as the offer is only good for today(Monday, December 7th).

I think “REAL” success in the “Facebook Reciprocity Model” will involve these brands rethinking the value of a “fan” and finding ways to make the reciprocity continue as consumers are going to start asking Walgreens what have you done for me lately…

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Foamee & Reciprocity

12-04-2009 BY bbulman

Screen shot 2009-12-04 at 9.18.22 AM

Foamee, a site created by Dan Cederholm a few years ago is a perfect example of Reciprocity. The idea is quite simple: Someone does something kind or thoughtful for you, and you owe them a beer. It sits on top of Twitter’s API, and allows you to keep track of who you owe beers to and vice versa. It is a way to keep the promise of “Hey, thanks for your help. I owe you a beer!”. And what is better than than giving a beer in exchange for help from a friend.”

Screen shot 2009-12-04 at 9.10.26 AM

(via @regiskuckaertz)

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Mental Notes

11-03-2009 BY bbulman

Stephen Anderson is launching Mental Notes, a set of Psychology flash cards, which I think look great. There are 50 of them and each on has a different insight/method, with an explaination and ways to apply that insight to a project. While they wont be released until Spring you can preorder, and also download a PDF with a few samples. I ordered mine a while back and cant wait to get them…

A couple of my favorites are:


Also interestingly, he is using a wee bit of scarcity(in regards to price) to sell them as well, with the accending pricing model.

Looking forward to them.

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Recprocity – United Twares

08-14-2009 BY bbulman

United Airlines has recently embraced Twitter and is trying to build a following on the service. They are using special “twitter-only” fares that are highly discounted and very limited in time. If you follow @unitedairlines you will occasionally and without notice receive these “twares” tweets.

This has built a very quick following upwards of 30,000.  This is a great example of Balanced Reciprocity.

Picture 46

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